The Elders


There are many local Mani associations that are mainly composed of the elders in Tibetan rural areas. It’s a very important daily routine for them to recite Mani scripture (om mani ped me hom). The Tibetan people believe in the life cycle and that evil deeds will cause suffering. They have to do good things and recite the Mani all the time to relieve their sins and prepare for better next life.

Gongbo’s Happy Life

Gongbo is an ordinary peasant living in Tibet whose life is simple and plain. He works, provides for the whole family and raises children. Just like anyone else living in the world, Gongbo has to sustain various pressures from the life, such as his expectation of another son after his wife’s bearing six daughters consistently, his anxiety for the debt due to the bank for buying a tractor and his disappointment on his son who did not derive enough money as expected from out of towns.

However, Gongbo will never be overwhelmed by these troubles since the life is bringing him friends, the enjoyment of sunlight and the calmness of the night. Gongbo appreciates to the nature and the life, which can be recognized and felt from his face and his songs. If happy life represents hope and satisfaction, and if happiness only means the fulfilled heart and the calmness from the deep inside, Gongbo is happy.