Nantenaina Lova

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Born in 1977, Lova Nantenaina is a Malagasy director who grew up in his country, and left to undertake sociology and humanitarian studies in France. Back in Madagascar between 2003 and 2005, he became journalist. He completed a master degree in Information & Communication in La Réunion; and joined the ESAV Film School in Toulouse where he got his Master’s degree with honors.

2014 “With Almost Nothing” doc, 52’
2011 “Conter les feuilles des arbres”, fiction, 4’ 30’’
2009 “Red Heaven” fiction, 18’30”
2008 “Petits Hommes” doc, 35’
2008 “2€ coin in Madagascar”, doc, 6’
2008 “The Other Side”, doc, 17’

Ady Gasy: The Malagasy Way

Nantenaina Lova

“The Chinese make things, the Malagasy fix them.” Just for the time of a film, let’s have fun reversing roles… Let’s imagine it isn’t for the economists anymore to demonstrate their growth model, but for the farmers, artists, craftsmen, and streetwise sellers of all kind to showcase their skills. There are those who recycle tires into shoes, those who make lamps from sweetened condensed milk cans, those who transform zebu bones that were left by the stray dogs into soap and medication. In Madagascar, proverbs, music and recycling skills challenge economics with humour!