Through Thousands Years

A team of film workers of Han descent went to Cinsbu and Smangus—two Atayal villages located in the deep mountains of the Hsinchu County—to shoot a film about the migration history of the Atayal people. This film brought conflicts to the tribe, including distrust of Atayal villagers against the Han outsiders and quarrels within the tribe. An aboriginal director recorded

The Stories of Rainbow

In the Atayal legend, the soul of a deceased person will arrive at the Atayal heaven via the rainbow after they die. And the face tattoo is the only way that they can rely on to get to the rainbow. This film is a documentary about the viewpoints of the elders who have tattooed their faces. It portrays how the

Wushe Alan Gluban

Wei Tesheng’s “Seediq Bale” triggered hot discussions on the Wushe Incident. Eighty-one years after the occurrence, most of the relevant studies, research papers, books and films that are available in Taiwan and other countries were made by the Han Chinese or the Japanese. In the course of relevant discussions, two intellectuals from the tribe: Takun Walis (Chiu, Chiang-Tang) and Dakis