Wuhaliton: ears of the Moon

According to Bunun legend, there were once two suns in the sky. The heat was intense, so the people shot down one of the suns. The wounded sun became the moon and fell into the mountains. Because of the pain, it pressed into the earth and created a gully into which its tears flowed.

As a child, Anu Takilulun was…


Fuzu, a Story of Love

In 1997, Pu-u Akuyana resigned from an advertising firm in metropolitan Taipei, to seek a new life as she returned to her hometown Laiji Community. Putting academic training she received in the fine arts to use, Pu-u embarks on a creative journey. Pu-u pays attention to the future of Laiji Community. She consults the elders on how to fabricate useful…


Alis’s Dreams

Cina Alis, 74, who now resides in Hucida Tribe in Kaohsiung in Taiwan, is one of the few Bunun natives who have refused to move into the prefabricated houses offered to them by the insensitive charity organizations for free. As a matter of fact, the tribe that Cina Alis belongs to has been evicted and placed to a new location…