Vietnamese Girl

During a six-month period of living and traveling throughout Vietnam, an American filmmaker meets a diverse group of Vietnamese women and documents their attempted integration into the new global culture. “Vietnamese Girl” documents the growing pains at the dawn of a new feminism in Asia. And on a journey spanning thousands of miles, through ancient landscapes and cities of the future, the filmmaker investigates the complex culture and history of the country, as she experiences a transformation only made possible by the women she meets in Vietnam.

Surname Viet Given Name Nam

The film evolves around questions of identity, popular memory and culture. While focusing on aspects of Vietnamese reality as seen through the lives and history of women resistance in Vietnam and in the U.S, it raises questions on the politics of interviewing and documenting.

Awards: First-Prize Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival; First-Prize Film As Art, SECA, San Francisco; Merit Award, Bombay Film Festival