A Documentary of Three Mosuo Women



The Mosuo region lies in the mountainous Yunnan Province of China. The Mosuo people continue their practice of matriarchy and have big families. Traditionally, the people don’t have a marriage ceremony. If a man and a woman fall in love, they could just “tisese” that means being together without cohabitation. They don’t start a nuclear family, but stay with the family where they grew up. There are no kinship terms like husband, wife and father. Yet, mother, uncle, auntie, niece and nephew are the main family components.

In this film, there are three generations of Mosuo women who make their self-interpretation about their family, relationships, and life. They have different fates. But the attitude to life and affection change very little. The pursuit of happiness of their own family always is most important to Mosuo women. They won’t intend to control another person. If there is need, they will give a hand but not rely on each other. That is why they can keep harmonious relationships between men and women.