All for the Good of the World and Nosovice


An original portrayal of a small Czech village where – as the locals put it – an UFO has landed in the form of a kilometre-long silverish factory: a Korean Hyundai automobile plant. The village, hitherto famous mostly for its sauerkraut and the “Radegast” beer was thus turned into an industrial zone – the largest greenfield investment project in the Czech Republic’s history. Nonetheless, for a long time many farmers resisted selling the land upon which the factory was now standing. Eventually, they all succumbed under the pressure from the neighbours, and even the anonymous death threats. Combining the perspectives of seven characters, they have composed a portrayal of a place suddenly changed beyond recognition that is playful and chilling at the same time: a politically engaged absurd flick about a field that yields cars.

Region of Filming

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82 minutes


35mm, Color



Vít Klusák

Vít Klusák studied photography at the School of Graphic Design in Prague. He graduated from the Documentary Film Department at the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague where he works as lecturer since 2006. In his films, he systematically deals with the points of friction between creativity and society. He made three documentary music videos for Czech singers Jan Burian, Jan Budař and Lenka Dusilová. Together with Filip Remunda, he is author of the hypercomedy Czech Dream(Český sen). They also manage a film company Hypermakert Films s.r.o. Recently, Klusák and Remunda have finished their feature-length documentary Czech Peace( Český mír) depicting the turbulent events accompanying the planned American radar in Brdy. As cameraman, he has worked on the films by Martin Mareček, Vít Janeček and Erika Hníková. Klusák is not the son of Czech music composer and actor Jan Klusák but Czech jazz pianist and composer Emil Viklický (about whom he made the film Jazz War(Ocet) – “a portrait without a model”.