Film records about life of Ashiq, the Uighur bard live in southern border area of Takla Makan Desert, in all its aspect. “Ashiq” means the zealot. Unlike traditional life of Sufi in Islam society, Ashiq who live in southern border area of Takla Makan Desert do different jobs for living except people go into seclusion to cultivate religious sense at Mazar (the grave of Uighur). For example some Ashiq are blacksmiths, other are beggar, merchant, grave-digger, barber, woman Ashiq, Sheykh (the Mazar protector) etc. However the way and contents they sing have remained same as traditional one through the same decent. They convey their earnest feeling to Allah and are doing penance for their sins through this way. This documentary film is a great epic covering whole aspect of Ashiq and moreover, includes a challenge of young generation of Ashiq in the present city.