The story begins inside an 8X10 feet partitioned room in central Kolkata. Almost nothing is visible inside. In fact, Bilal’s parents are blind. Bilal is just three years old and he has an infant brother. Both of them can see. Bilal is totally aware of the physical disabilities of his parents even he is at such an early age. He knows how to communicate with them through sounds and touch. He is always very occupied with the work of taking care of his blind parents and infant brother. Whenever Bilal gets naughty, his parents may become strict and cross at him. He would just simply run out to the streets, trying to escape from the bitter and harsh life. Very unusually for our times, Bilal’s upbringing and care seems to have become a collective responsibility of all the neighbors. Through the camera, we saw a story of sharing love, fun, cruelty and hope… the wonder world of Bilal.