Boundary Revelation


In 1949, the Chinese Party of China occupied the whole of mainland China, and the Nationalist Party of China, commonly known as the Kuomintang, retreated to Taiwan. But not all nationalist forces crossed the Taiwan Strait. Some went into hiding, waiting in the jungles of northern Burma and Thailand for orders from Taiwan. They ended up waiting for fifty years. Once a secret army, they became a lost army. The soldiers in the lost army were strangers in a strange land, stateless persons in northern Thailand. They had to put their lives on the line – even to bleed – in order to get Thai citizenship. Their story is a historical tragedy. A sense of displacement shaped their national identity, and their children, though born in Thailand, yearned for a faraway home: Taiwan. They’ve been fighting for fifty years. Maybe at the end of the day it’s hard to say who the real enemy is, and where their true country lies.

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70 minutes


HD, Color


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Lee Li-Shao

LEE Li-Shao entered the space of short films and documentaries in 1999 and has won four Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short-Films to-date and the Taiwan international Documentary Festival.
Lee is also a familiar nominee to the Golden Horse Awards, the Golden Bell Awards, and the Taipei Film Festival.
Lee excels at documenting borderline characters of history, and his signature work is the ‘Trilogy of the Golden Triangle Guerrilla’.
‘Myanmar Remembered’ is Lee’s most recent work that tells the story of the Burmese battlefield during World War II.
2000. Flower Isiand. (60min)
2000. Coaling 921 (24min)
2000. Grandmother from Hainan Island (24min)
2001. 1935 Earthquake (93min)
2003. Dancing in the rainbow (60min)
2004. Waiting (30min)
2005. Molia (25min)
2010. RONDO (25min)
2012. Boundary Revelation (73min)
2015. Southland Soldiers (63min)
2016. Stranger in the Mountains. (140min)
2017. Landscapes (60min)
2017. Boys in Pixelation (103min)
2021. Solo Dancer (83min)
2022. Myanmar Remembered (123min)