Cello Tales

Four strings, a wooden box that has lived for 300 years. The cello is the most human-like of all musical instruments in shape, size and sound. A daughter searches for her father’s stolen instrument for a decade. An artisan looks for the best way to craft the perfect piece of wood. A soloist travels the world playing. A copyist recreates the sound of the great masters. The cello is more than just a musical instrument.

Year of Release



75 minutes


HD, Color


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Anne Schiltz

Anne Schiltz studied at the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology in Manchester. She now works as a film director, mainly on nonfiction films. Her documentaries include “Sweet Life and all that goes with it” (2002), a portrait of a Saxon family in Transylvania, and “Gordian Troeller Revisited – Eritrea” (2007). Her interest in music is reflected in her close collaboration with various artists and musical ensembles. “Cello Tales” is her first feature documentary.