Conversation of Tali and Yaki


Ptasan is the most vivid totem of the Atayal culture. After the Japanese took control of Taiwan, Ptasan was banned because it was considered a barbarian act. Now, when Ptasan is nearly unseen or unheard of, one Atayal young man, Taliana Yilou, decides to give himself Ptasan. As a young man under 30 years of age, Tali does not have any noble reason but to become a real Atayal, like his ancestors, with Ptasan. How much courage does it take to have the tribe totem on the face? Lawa, an elder of the tribe who is over 80 years old, is one the last few people who have Ptasan. She often talks about the pain of getting Ptasan. She doesn’t know Tali. But when she hears that Tali is getting Ptasan, she feels sorry for him and says:” Poor Tali, it’s going to be a long and hard journey!”