Dear Rice Wine, You are Defeated

親愛的米酒 妳被我打敗了

Cepo, the estuary of Siouguluan River, is said to be the landing point where the Pangcah ancestor first stepped on Taiwan. The Makutaay Tribe here have maintained the traditional age system. The young generation will have an “upgrade” ritual every 4 years when the youngsters who work in the cities will return home for the special occasion. When the young tribesmen move up to the highest level: Mama Nu Kapah, they need to drink up a big bowl of rice wine when the sun rises in the morning after all night’s singing and dancing. However, with time changes, the youngsters now requested to change this traditional ritual that had been passing down for thousands of years. They wish to improve the “upgrade” ritual, or even abolish it. Can the suggestion gain approval from the Elders of the tribe?