Dialogue Among Tribes

My father, Du-Ya, left the Amis tribe and went to Taipei City as a construction worker when he was an adolescent. He later returned to his hometown after he got married, and adopted fishing as his career in Shih-Ti Habor, Hualien. Fishing was his way of making a living. However, he still needed to leave home occasionally to seek labor jobs in the city to support the family financially.

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Review: Dialogue Among Tribes

Brian Hioe Editor at New Bloom, where this review first appeared. The documentary “Dialogue Among Tribes” provides a look at the lives of Taiwanese indigenous laborers. Composed of vignettes drawn from a series of indigenous men that grew up after the KMT came to Taiwan, including the father of director Pan Zhi-Wei, the fishermen Du-Ya, the documentary does…


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Pan Zhi-Wei

Pan Zhi-Wei, born in 1988, Fongbin, Hualien. He is an aboriginal film director and screenplay writer from the Amis community.