Forward Forest Dream



A sever earthquake shattered the modest living in this small village in the middle of Taiwan. In order to rebuild their ruined elementary school and transform it into an ecological forest school to fit the natural environment, villagers of Neihu, the small, undeveloped village, stand up to fight their war with the great and advanced National Taiwan University.

Being the number one university of Taiwan, NTU possess tremendous resource and authority from tangible to intangible. The famous Chitou Recreational Area is practically under the reign of NTU. The reasons of forest conservation and geological safety keep NTU from proffering the land to Neihu Elementary School. Especially when the land Neihu Elementary School asks is inside the NTU Experimental Forest.

The problems between the small and the big are revealed. When the authority is challenged, when professional knowledge confronts people’s living, where can the equilibrium to be reached? Can the dream of a school in forest to be realized? An enchanting story unfolds. The dream of the forest is on its journey to be completed.