Fuzu, a Story of Love

In 1997, Pu-u Akuyana resigned from an advertising firm in metropolitan Taipei, to seek a new life as she returned to her hometown Laiji Community. Putting academic training she received in the fine arts to use, Pu-u embarks on a creative journey. Pu-u pays attention to the future of Laiji Community. She consults the elders on how to fabricate useful yet beautiful household equipment, with materials accessible right where they live. She hosts a community workshop as a platform for talents in the community to be involved in making art and crafts. Their results become the presentation at the art fair held in the forest. On a more personal level, Pu-u remembers what her heart has always clung to – the deep friendship with her pet wild hog. She values wisdom of the nature she acquired from the animal, and the good times they spend together. Through art, she continues to visualize wild hogs around the wilderness to watch over the land, and people of Laiji Community.

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60 minutes


Digital beta, Color


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Salone Ishahavut

Salone Ishahavut is a documentary film maker of Taiwanese Bunun descent. She received her M.F.A. degree in Film, Video, New Media, and Animation Program from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her film projects have been favored by Golden Harvest Awards, Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival, WomenMakeWaves Film Festival. She has also received Excellent Screenplay award by Taiwan's Bureau of
Information. She has worked as a documentary playwright-director at Tatokem Culture Workshop and DaAi TV, as well as journalist at Taiwan Public Television.

Major filmography
2011 – Alis's Dreams (Director) – Golden Harvest Awards – Excellence Award
2008 – Hunting Heart: Lekal Makor (Screenplay) – Bureau of Information Excellent Screenplay Award
2006 – The Bear (16mm short, Director) – WomenMakeWaves Film Festival
2003 – Tawtawazay: the Most Popular Family Name (Director) – Aboriginal Documentary Competition, First Prize
2003 – Wuhaliton: Tears of the Moon (Director) – Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival
2001 – Until the End of the World (Director) – Aboriginal Documentary Competition, First Prize