Ghanaian Video Tales

A tribute to the syncretism of cinema and the power of imagination, Ghanaian Video Tales introduces the exciting and unique genre of African horror movies – and the filmmakers behind it. Since the early 1990s video technology has deeply changed the African media world. Easy handling and affordable cost of production have enabled filmmakers to tell their own stories for their local audiences. The result has been a growing and highly evocative modern mythology. The documentary draws the portrait of five Ghanaian filmmakers, actors and producers. It presents original clips from some of their most famous movies: from the initial blockbuster “Zinabu” to the snakeman cycle “Diabolo” about a man who transforms his female victims into money vomitting monsters to some of the more recent demonic stories such as “Babina” and “Satan’s Wife”. It includes interviews with the pioneers and protagonists of the scene, everyday observations on set, and follows the way of the films themselves – from production to projection.