Indo Pino


Indo Pino is a Taw-Waliya.
In the Wana language, the word “Taw” means “man”, “human being”. The word “Waliya” designates “beings of the forest”. This is how the Wanas call their shamen: the “Taw-Waliya”.
The Wana Wewaju who number about 1600, live in Indonesia, in the eastern part of Sulawesi (Celebes Island), among the dense equatorial rain forest of the Tokkala Mountains.
Indo Pino is a woman, one of most fascinating shaman that we have met.
We already made a first film with her: “From other Side of Night”. During our last visit (april 1999), Indo Pino is seriously ill. She is cured by others shaman which ask us to film these very old healing rituals. In the same time, we tried to cure her with medecine from Europa destined for our own use.
First, this film is the story of rituals which went with Indo Pino during her illness. Then, after her recovery, Indo Pino was explaining to us the impression of the rituals on her sick body.
At least, in her surprising conception of occidental medecine, she told us adapting it naturally to her own imaginatic system of the illness and human being.