Lamas in Dilemma

Buraunse is a remote Himalayan village in Humla Districts of Nepal. As in some the himayan districts that share border with tibet, the institution of polyandary is still practiced by trh Lama community there. Adhering to the age-old Tibetan Buddhist tradition, brothers marry a common wife. Over the recent years, however younger generation exposed to modern reluctant to follow the tradition . The elderly are naturally unhappy. Hence, there is a conflict between the older and younger generations; between fathers and sons.

Region of Filming

Year of Release



25 minutes


DV, Color



Ramesh Khadka

Ramesh Khadka is a filmmaker. In a recent days he has been working for ethnographic filming about Nepali culture and society. Mr. Khadka’s some film awarded from international prize. His six film already selected and screened in several international film festival. He is also TV journalist, working with VPRO, a dutch public Television station.