Memory Beings

Ormajeevikal (Memory Beings) is an impressionistic film that paints a picture of the town Kozhikode situated in North Kerala, a region in South India, and the spiritual immersion of ordinary town dwellers in music.The film is a reflective essay traversing sounds and spaces that build a portrait of a small town ( dominantly Muslim) with a music culture that is cosmopolitan, it’s hearing and performance cultures having strong local but equally global influences of Arabic, Western music cultures. This terrain exists in resilience to dominantly accepted cultural forms ( Carnatic classical music) in the region. The films travels through the music and memories of many a people- from a radio shop owner, to a small time singer to rare female singers who sang in all mehfils (a tradition of musicians gathering) in the past, a mehfil of singers who are labourers in the market below to connoiseurs of music, objects and memory.


10/6  14:30