Chhaupadi sheds are common in mid- and far-western villages in Nepal. During their menstruation periods, women stay in these sheds which are unhygienic and unsafe, putting them at risk to their health and lives. People believe that women are impure during chhau and will make everything they touch impure. The film is the story of the women who have suffered due to unjustifiable traditions and practices. There is an urgent need to bring about a change in their hard and challenging lives.

Year of Release



36 minutes


DV, Color


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Ramesh Khadka

Ramesh Khadka is a filmmaker. In a recent days he has been working for ethnographic filming about Nepali culture and society. Mr. Khadka’s some film awarded from international prize. His six film already selected and screened in several international film festival. He is also TV journalist, working with VPRO, a dutch public Television station.