My Beloved Child

Norway, summer of 2000. We meet 33-year-old Sigrid Beate Edvardsen during the last days before going to jail to serve a sentence of seven years for killing her own father. As a child, Sigrid Beate was subjected to sexual abuse, and the film uncovers a terrible family tragedy. Still, one is left with many questions. The film does not try to get to the bottom of what actually happened, but to paint a portrait of an exceptionally strong woman, a woman who can cope with having a team of documentary filmmakers close to her during a time of crisis for her and her family. My Beloved Child is a film showing that sexual abuse continues to punish the victim for a long time after the actual physical abuse ends.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



103 minutes


35mm, Color


Brit Jorunn Hundsnes

Brit Jorunn Hundsnes is a television producer and documentary filmmaker. My Beloved Child was originally her graduate film from Volda College.