My River


The Mei-hua family of seven from Taitung came to the San-ying Village under the SanxiaYingge Bridge 20 years ago. They built their home with wood, nails and their own bare hands. The house they were living in was torn to the ground by Taipei County Government for violating building laws. The Mei-hua family of eight moved into Sanxia City. However, being unaccustomed to living in such an unnatural environment and with the added pressure of paying rent, they moved back to San-ying village after only two years. On the 29th of February 2009, by the very same government department, and for the same reasons, their home was raised to the ground once more. After the home they toiled and struggled to build was torn to the ground, they were asked, “What are you going to do now?”- The most common question those living in San-ying village are asked by concerned local city folk. As far as Meihua’s family was concerned the answer was very simple- If they tear it down, we’ll build it again!