Notes from CARA

Sicily, summer. A wall of barbed wire separates the biggest refugee camp in Europe from a deserted, unwelcoming hinterland. The camp is the CARA of Mineo. Here migrants are blocked in endless waits, with their lives dotted with dreamy, absurd, even comical situations.

Near the camp fence we meet Mohammad, who wants to run away; Aqib and Malik who dream of reaching Milan and joining its LGBTQI scene; Ibrahim, the hypnotic musician waiting for his documents; Dieudonne “le prophète” who harshly denounces the poor condition of the asylum seekers.

But the CARA is not just a place for migrants. Here we find unauthorized merchants, improvised tailors, flushed military personnel patrolling a porous frontier and squads of American Jehovah Witnesses. Above all, a patronizing Director who strives to maintain an impossible order.

“Notes from CARA” is the collective portrait of a human microcosm set in the biggest refugee camp ever built on the Italian side of the Mediterranean Sea.


10/7  10:00