Our Happy Birth Day


Anais and Daisy meet a midwife, a dying profession, and have a new understand of life and death. Since then, they’ve chosen a birthing process that is differently from 99% of the women in Taiwan.

Anais, an aromatherapist, lives a natural and holistic lifestyle and refuses modern medicine. At the local theater, she plays an expectant mother who is forced to have a C-section in order to deliver the baby during an auspicious time. On stage, she screams “Giving birth is not an illness, I don’t want a C-section!” But in real life Anais is faced with the possibility of having a C-section due to the baby’s malposition. Anais’ wish to have home birth gets slimmer and slimmer with time.

Daisy, a mother of two girls, welcomes a third baby with home birth. With many relatives and friends as witness, she births her first son. Sadly, three months later her son passes away from a rare disease. Through the valley of the shadow of death, she decides to becomes a doula and readies herself to welcome a new life once again.


10/8  18:10