Out of Place


This is a movie about searching and losing.

Two threads intertwine and form the whole of the story. One of which is about my husband, a man from a Ji family in Muzha Village, Neimen Township. He could be a descendent of Pingpu tribe, but neither he nor his family remembers their origin. A look at a few of old pictures of Pingpu people sent him off to the search of his origin. The other is about the tragedy in which Xiaoling Village, one of the few places in Taiwan comprehensively preserving Pingpu culture, was destroyed overnight during the Typhoon Morakot disaster. In an attempt to restore Pingpu culture through audio and visual media, I set off on a journey of searching. Not willing to let this part of history wiped out in the catastrophe, I tried to record the trauma and sorrow of the locals to produce a documentary.

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78 minutes


HDV, Color


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Hsu Hui-ju

Hsu hui-ju was born in Kaohsiung,Taiwan. Her documentary films won her a number of awards including the New Asian Currents Award of Excellent at 2003 Yamagata International Documentary Festival. And has been selected to be screened in the section Regards Neufs (International Competition) of 2009 Visions du Reel festival in Switzerland.