She Sometimes A God



Qiu-yan lives in Tainan Guantian Village’s Fanzaitian town. Alizu is a spirit of that place. Qiu-yan must watch over of a whole family’s livelihood, while Alizu must protect the whole settlement’s peace and prosperity.

Qiu-yan complains that she was never able to study enough as her marriage was determined by Alizu at the age of eight, and marrying very early brings some regrets. She says as she speaks, “This is life.” Alizu also has some complaints. When the shrine was remodeled time was too tight, and it was oriented wrong so he would rather stay in the same small home as before.

Qiu-yan is Qiu-yan, and Qiu-yan is also Alizu. One body sometimes holds two souls living inside. Occasionally, Qiu-yan isn’t to be found. Alizu will speak to the director and to the camera, and we can sense another world before us. Often when Qiu-yan returns, excited family members will tell her all that Alizu said and did. The world on the other side of the camera transforms back to the familiar.