Small Steps on a Long Road


Ye Cai was born in 1946. When still quite young, he signed with Eastman Kodak Company as a professional photographer. For seven years, Ye traveled around the world to capture the beauty of all cultures. However, when he saw that people in Europe were very conscious of their own cultures and histories, he gave up on this prestigious job and returned to Taiwan, to the Hakka communities of Hsinchu county. There, he has devoted himself to capturing the essential moments of Hakka life and the beauty of the Hakka culture. Ye has photographed the authentic life of laborers and continues to create photos that chronicle the Hakka culture of Hsinchu County. His photographic masterpieces are a priceless asset to the Hakka people of Hsinchu and to all of Taiwan. This film documents the life and photographs of the artist. It explores the breadth and depth of Hakka culture in the narrations of Ye Cai himself, as well as Hsinchu villagers and local Hakka culture workers.