Songs of Hunungaz


The meaning of “Hunungaz” from Bunun language is “a place full of Artemisia Capillaris”. Zhou Feng is a small elementary school in Hanagus, only 23 students, they close as family because of the mini-sized school, also filled anxiety of cutting-down/merging of the same reason. The specialty of students is singing, mainly from Zhou Feng’s tradition and born gift of Bunun, they participate singing contests and performances nationwide, and getting excellent results and famous. The story is about three children and their families, through their life to illustrate the situation between school and tribe, related to Bunun, visions, education, and mostly about the songs of children, about the happiness. Despite of people come and go, festivals after another, then seasons changing, children will graduate this summer; singing for them are not just for contest and performance, they sing loudly all the time and everywhere, songs may change, but life and happiness remain the same, in Hunungaz.