During the 88 flooding disaster, Taiwan received a donation from its ally in the Southern Pacific, a nation called Tuvalu. This defenseless nation of 26 square kilometers will be the first island nation to be submerged by the oceans once the sea level rises due to global warming. The director Huang Hsinyao left his hometown after the 88 flooding disaster in Taiwan in search of this disappearing island called Tuvalu. While aboard this swaying ship in the Pacific, various fantastic spectacles of Taiwan emerge in the mind of the director….. Once out at sea barbecuing, he found under the sea…

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78 minutes


HD, Color



Huang Hsinyao

MFA at the Graduate Institute of Sound and Image of the Tainan University of Arts. He dreams of making documentary as banter to present life through a humorous narrative in describing the absurdity inherent to modern life. His works have been featured at international film events such us Durban Film Festival (South Arica), the International Environmental Film and Video Festival (Brazil) and MoMA (New York). Now residing in the village of Qigu in Tainan County (Taiwan), where he founded his company Sun Studio Taiwan, and serving as executive director of the Taiwan Documentary Media Workers’ Union.