The Delivery Man


Drugs sending which was based on the idea of paying after using was originated from the third year of Genroku (Japanese year). During the domination of Japan, due to the lack of medical resources and the inconvenient transportation in rural areas of Taiwan, almost every family hanged a medical kit called Yao Pao Tsai on the wall for the people who deliver drugs to put some usual medicine. They came regularly, checked the kit of every house and then resupplied it. This system of sending drugs had been the mainstream of Taiwan’s medical service. However, with the sheer number of pharmacies and the execution of both labor and health insurance, drugs delivery had gradually become part of our memories. Mr. Chang’s brother who had worked for a pharmaceutical factor thought it was good to make his living by delivering drugs. Therefore, he decided to leave for Yun-Lin to have his own business. As for Mr. Chang, he was asked to help his brother right after he graduated from junior high school.