The Good Change Poles Apart

In recent years the political tension in Poland has been escalating unprecedentedly. This film presents the dramatic developments through the eyes of 2 women on opposite sides of the political barricade.

Marta and Tita are patriots. Both are proud of their country and its history, and they want only the best for it. But their attitudes could not be more different. While Marta wants a strong Poland, leads a paramilitary unit, promotes Christian values and supports the ruling conservative Law and Justice Party, Tita wants to be part of Europe, hates weapons, and believes that the government program The Good Change is an instrument to suppress liberal influences and will lead to a creeping reduction in civil rights, an infringement of democratic principles and constitutional changes. The director in no way judges his protagonists and their actions, instead presenting an impartial behind-the-scenes view of the camps of the feuding parties.


10/7  16:00



Year of Release



77 minutes


HD, Color


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Konrad Szolajski

Wrote and directed documentary and fiction films, which were shown in cinema and broadcasted by TV stations and at many Polish and international festivals. He is known for satirical view on contemporary Poland and humorous approach to serious subjects including Polish national complexes and religiosity.