The Last 12.8 km

The Directorate General of Highways lends an impetus to build the road no.26 from An-Shuo to Shu-Hai by 3.8billion in 2006. The villagers in the tribe have many different kinds of opinions.”Tribe’’ is the main point of this documentary. It’s filled with rational and perceptual and it describes the relationship between the land and people deeply. It makes people have thoughts and heart-searching between building and preserving. People have two kinds of opinions of this case, but no one is wrong. The real problem is this policy. Will it have a win-win situation of ecology preserved and economy developed by something more specific?

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Sasuyu Ubalat

The director has been documenting tribal educational culture for a long time. He also currently has a child in education. Through his observations, the audience can understand that by including aboriginal knowledge in textbooks, we can see Taiwan from another angle, where our people and our world are. The documentary is centered around the school project on the Paiwan wedding ceremony. The project covers all details of the wedding ceremony, from its preparation to chopping the traditional wood-bunch and pig killing. By the end of the film, the parents are convinced of the success of the the experimental course. However, without further ethnic education of Paiwan in junior high schools, senior high schools or even universities, there will be a learning gap for the current students and this makes them sad to leave the current courses.