The Lost Buddha


The film director lived in the mountain village of Fotuoyan for more than a year to record the living condition, traditional customs, religious beliefs, as well as the impact of Socialist rural development of the peasants on the Loess Plateau in Northern Shaanxi. The film narrative develops in accordance with the four divinations: summer, autumn, population, and national affairs. The challenges facing the village are similar to that of other rural areas: Young people emigrate their homeland, and only the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the disabled stay in the village. God seems to be the only source of comfort for these suffering souls at the edge of modern civilization.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



96 minutes


DVCAM, Color


Tian Bo

Tian Bo was born in Shaanxi and grew up on the Loess Plateau. He established a movie studio with his friends in 2003 and graduated from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Design in 2005. His works include documentary films, animation, and experimental films. He was once an assistant art director of Zhang Yimou's film.
Filmography: 2008 “The Lost Buddha” entered the finalist in the 2008 Hong Kong Chinese Documentary Film Festival, and exhibit in the 2008 French Festival International De Documentary. It was also invited to the 809 INIAF and entered the finalist in The Fourth Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival; 2009 “The Lost Buddha” was specially invited to the Iberia Central for Contemporary Art; 2009 The large-scale documentary film “Lu Yao” is in Production.