The Mountain

For hundreds of years, this island, Taiwan, has been under different rules. From the Dutch, the Spanish, the Japanese, and nowadays Republic of China, each regime left their footprints on this island. During these periods, only the indigenous people of this island truly experienced of the process. As being ruled, indigenous peoples were labeled in different names and self-cultures had gradually being changed. The main character in the documentary is a Truku old man. Through his life experiences and life course, we see the history of aboriginal recertification movement.

Region of Filming

Region of Origin

Year of Release



61 minutes


16mm, Color



Su Hung-En

Su Hung-en was born in Taiwan and received his MFA degree of Radio, Television and Film in Shih Hsin University. He’s born to mixed aboriginal/Taiwanese parents. Constant switching between these two identities helps him to see this world from different perspectives. Recent film works are issues about indigenous people and social problems.