The Promise


Dong-gang, a fishing village in the southern part of Taiwan, is a place where exceptional historical traces of a past mysterious ritual are still alive. One of the most important characteristic of being part of the Dong-gang community is joining a ritual that takes place every three year, They call the ritual as “Yi-Wang”. Performing this ritual, the people show a very touching cohesion, as well as the unique values of faith. Because of the ritual, the wandering son who find a link with home.

Based on a first-eye experience of its author, this documentary presents the history of four different lives and how they intertwine with The ritual of Yi-Wang and the life in Dong-gang. While a spectacular ceremony takes place in front of the camera, we discover the rural life and customs of Dong-gang village as they appear under the shadows of the hat “Lu li” , symbolizing the promise of keeping this ritual alive.