The Story of Wai San Din Alluvion


Wai San Ding Island, an isolated sandbar off the west coast of Taiwan, has already drifted from the coast of Yunlin County to Chiayi County. The film documents the changes of Wai San Ding Island, and is narrated by the director in the first-person. The film consists of four parts and documents the daily life of the people whose lives are closely tied to the island. Their stories tell how Wai San Ding Island has changed through the decades. Footage which the director shot on the island 17 years ago is inserted to show the great contrast between the island of the past and its present appearance.

Region of Origin

Year of Release



56 minutes


Betacam, Color


Je Hung-Zhou

Producer / Director, M.A., Institute of Ethnic Relations and Culture. National Dong Hwa University.