Voices in the Clouds


“Voices in the Clouds” is an intimate exploration of Tony Coolidge’s quest to understand his heritage. At the heart of the film lies the celebration of family and cultural preservation. Through his amazing journey, the film hopes to encourage viewers to carve their own path toward self-discovery. With his mother gone, Tony reunites with his relatives in Taiwan, only to discover that he and his family are descendants of a unique, indigenous tribal culture named Atayal. The Atayal—and other tribal cultures on the island—are in danger of disappearing forever. Encountering new people in Taiwan brings greater purpose to Tony’s journey. Each discovery for him, his stoic brother, and caring wife, opens a new window into the history, struggle, and unique beauty of Taiwan’s indigenous people. They witness the remnants of an abandoned, war-torn village frozen in time. They are enthralled by the wisdom of a 100 year-old tattooed woman, and devastated by the loss of a loved one. Yet, in the end, new bonds are formed, old wounds are healed, and a new voice is given to their ancestors.

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77 minutes


DV, Color



Aaron Hosé

Aaron Hosé is an Emmy Award-winning producer whose work has been recognized both nationally and internationally. Born in Texas and raised in Aruba, he developed a passion for culture and creativity from a very young age. As a Media Coordinator for the University of Central Florida, Aaron currently develops and produces original, High Definition programming for broadcast TV, the web, and video-on-demand. His documentary series for UCF Television, “The Gallery”, earned him Suncoast Emmy Awards in 2008 and 2009. In 2003, Aaron produced and directed “The Groveland Four,” an acclaimed short documentary that introduced the riveting story of four African-American boys wrongfully accused and persecuted in Groveland, Florida, in 1949. The film was screened at film festivals across the United States. From 2003 to 2005, Aaron worked as a segment producer for the Dutch TV program “Frame”, for which he created “Frame Goes U.S.A.” The series documented college experiences of Dutch Caribbean students in the United States, and was broadcast in Aruba and the Netherlands.