Wási (to see) is the story of a day of seeing (themselves) in the Arhuaco community in Kutunzama (Magdalena, Colombia). From the hand of the Arhuaco filmmaker Amado Villafaña, we enter into what it means to see for the indigenas Arhuacos. From the viewing of photographs and films, we approach how the Arhuaco people have been visually represented from the outside and what Amado’s interpretation of these representations is, in an exercise of seeing, seeing and representing themselves.


10/6  14:30



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16 minutes


Digital, Color


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Amado Villafaña

Amado Villafaña Chaparro is a member of the Arhuaco’s Community. He is working in the Yosokwi Communication Collective of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Some of his last films are:
– Resistance on the dark line (2011)
– Naboba (2015)

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Sebastián Gómez Ruíz

Sebastian Gómez Ruíz has a Master in Visual Anthropology at the Universitat de Barcelona and now he is studying a PhD in Society and Culture in the same university. Within the audiovisual performed, he did
– Raw ( Barcelona, 2014) Documentary. Directed and edited.
– Surfing Chapinero (2013, Bogotá). Short Fiction. Screenwriter and executive producer.