Yak Dung


On the plateau below zero 40℃, yak dung is the fuel without pollution and it can warm up the herdsmen’s houses and make offerings to gods. It is used as lights, walls, natural manure, medicine and toys. The artists can make a Buddhist statue with yak dung. Through yak dung, people not only judge whether the grassland is good or not but also the condition of yaks. Yak dung is essential to our plateau people. But the life without yak dung is getting closer and closer and it is the day we will get lost as well as the disaster will approach. Then we will be the enemy of the nature and kindness will also leave us.

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57 minutes


AVCHD, Color



La ze

La ze, male, Tibetan, a herdsman,coming from Qinghai Province. He is a member of Nien-pau-ji-tse Ecological Environmental Protection Association and fond of observing wetlands.