Patrasche, A Dog of Flanders, Made in Japan

An Van Dienderen, Didier Volckaer

Today this book, A Dog of Flanders is taught in Japanese high schools, it is a classic in the UK and the States and has inspired numerous films and TV series in Japan and the States. The most important of them being the Japanese animated series of 1975 that counted 52 episodes and influenced the Japanese culture intensely. Many of them can still sing the series opening song, … in Dutch! Patrasche, a Dog of Flanders – Made in Japan is a laboratory of the image. It is a prism, through which the viewer can experience how reality is and how a small book leads to a stereotyped perception.

A Place for Everyone

Angelos Rallis, Hans Ulrich Gößl

A Place for Everyone explores the human geography of a Rwandan village two decades after the genocide. In the light of the 20th commemoration period, survivors and killers live again next to each other, while a new generation of young Rwandans has grown up in a society meandering through a fragile reconciliation process. Filmed over four years, A Place for Everyone paints the portraits of Tharcisse and Benoitte, two young Rwandans in their quest for a sanctuary between love and hate, revenge and forgiven.

Sleepless Djigit

Christophe Rolin, Marc Recchia

Kyrgyzstan Tokon, a retired teacher from south of Kyrgyzstan writes poetry during his spare time. Every summer his daughter Gulzat comes from Russia to visit him and help him out on the farm. This year’s misfortunes make Tokon focus more than usually on his daughter’s departure. With the dismissal of his assistant and the absence of his wife, his world is slowly shrinking. Will it be possible despite his old age to remain the brave Djigit he needs to be in the eyes of the family?

A compelling idea about traditional family values and engagement emerges. It’s the hope of many Kyrgyz abroad to return to their homeland.

Abandoned Land

Gilles Laurent

In the evacuated zone around the nuclear plant of Fukushima, five years after the “catastrophe,” a few rare individuals still live on this land burning with radiation. The seemingly irrational yet peaceful existence of these diehards reminds us that, as a last resort, a patch of land is our strongest bond to the world.