In Malagasy, “Mahaleo” means free, independent.

Mahaleo’s voices and music have accompanied the people of Madagascar ever since the collapse of the colonial regime. Yet, even after 30 years of success, the group’s seven musicians still keep their distance from the world of show-business, and remain deeply committed to helping their country’s development; their professions range from surgeon to farmer, physician to sociologist and member of parliament. Accompanied by the group’s rhythmic melodies, the film follows the singers through their daily lives, giving us a glimpse of the far-reaching social and economic problems of the Malagasy people. The combined talents of the Brazilian, Cesar Paes, and the Malagasy, Raymond Rajaonarivelo, have produced a work that is both ethereal and concrete, poetic and political.


In Jerusalem, three religions meet. They harmoniously coexist. While the guides lead us through the streets of Jerusalem, we can see people from different backgrounds and culture live in the same neighbourhood. The guides are the meessagers of time. They deliver the message that only time can solve all the disputes and trouble.

The guides even tell us three stories, or ,you could say, rather the same story of three different versions. That is, we get to see things in Jew,Arab, Christian’s points of view.Pierre Henry Salfati , director let us discover Jerusalem in the way we have never seen it before.

The Shadow

Even at night time, the Wana shamans from the Sulawesi see the “shadow” in each of us. For them, this “shadow” , which the sun defines on the ground during the day is a spiritually constitutive part of ourselves. It’s by observing the overall aspect of this “shadow” that the Wana shamans diagnose the sickness that is striking. The traditional role of the Wana shamans is to take back this “spirit body”(that spirits steal from human beings to feed on) from these same malevolent spirits who live in the forest (the “Mayasa”-spirits) to insufflate it in the ailing body and to bring back health this way. This time, the patient Claudia from France, entrusted her with her illness and suffering. However, will she be able to heal her from so far away ?

Claude Levi – Strauss, Return to the Amazon

Journey to the heart of the Amazon rainforest in the footsteps of Claude Lévi-Strauss. Sixty years after the renowned French anthropologist conducted his famous fieldwork among the Nambikwara, we return to find his memory alive and well among the tribesmen. Lévi-Strauss’ experiences in the Amazon forever altered his understanding of society. He describes this life-changing journey in his seminal work, Tristes Tropiques. Blending exquisite prose, philosophical meditation and anthropological analysis, the book catapulted him into one of France’s best-known intellectuals. This compelling documentary travels deep into the Amazon to uncover the roots of Lévi-Strauss’ groundbreaking theories and reexamine our own beliefs about the fundamental organization of our society.

Gnawa Music : Body and Soul

Designed as a road movie, ‘Gnawa Music – Body and Soul’ is a musical and human odyssey in the heart of Gnawa music in Morroco. From Tanger to Essaouira passing by Tamesloht, Marrakech, Sale, the film takes us, body and soul, beyond the music to experience the splendor of a universal message which went through time to celebrate life.