Mit Koran und greller Schminke/ Transsexuelle in Pakistan

“Transsexual in Pakistan” is about the “khusras,” a marginal community within Pakistani society. They are born male, but devote themselves to searching outand developing the feminine side of their souls. They are transsexual from the western physiological point of view, but to the local Pakistanis, what the khusras signify is beyond gender differences. People treat the khusras as the most


AFTERMATH is the story of young people from an ancient tribe who are driven into a new world by the Tsunami of 2004 from one day to the other. Overwhelmed by history´s biggest wave of aid and development soon after, they are now searching with pride and humour for their own, self-determined life in a globalized world.

Chasing Houses

This road movie documentary follows mobile homes across the highway, connecting the grandiose vastness of the American West to the transitory nature of the homes and the tenuous life stories of their inhabitants. In fragmented stopovers, the film revolves around questions of home, belonging, and an American Dream that has become brittle.