Video in the Villages: A Brief Introduction

The Video in the Villages Project was initially animated by Vincent Carelli, the founder of the Center for Indigenous Advocacy in São Paulo, Brazil. The institute was founded for the purpose in the pursuit of fundamental rights for the native Brazilians. Since the emergence of video technologies in around 1987, Carelli kick-started the Video in the Villages Project, giving the…


Review: Family Variations: The Communication of Images Across Class, Gender, and Cultural Lines

Lin, Wen-Ling Festival Director (translated by Chris Findler) The 2005 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (TIEFF) is being held with the goals of using images to popularize ethnography and to educate the viewers about this intriguing subject. This year, we continue in the spirit of past festivals in our planning and implementation to achieve the objective of using the media…


Review: Family Variations~The Wonders of the Ethnographic Film Festival~Introduction

by Hu, Tai- Li (President, Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival) “Everyone is searching for home sweet home. Should I be any different?” asks aboriginal folk singer Kimbo in the documentary “Kimbo in a Flash” by Taiwan Public Television aboriginal reporters Halugu and Kaleh. Hearing my old friend Kimbo talk about the many setbacks and difficulties in his life, I almost…


Review: Building a New Era of World Peace

Hsieh, Shih-Chung Prologue Maybe the concept of wanting to remain in one’s native land only is a traditional Han Chinese concept, and maybe it is a territorial instinct universal to all mankind, or even all mammals. In other words, my home and my land offers the best hope of security and wealth. However, unexpected changes over time or in the…


Review: Moving is the Start and End of the Story

Wang Song-Shan There are numerous reasons for moving and migrating: for work; for marriage; for endless wars; or merely for wandering. Its form is not limited to one-directional or of a constant type. Man’s moving and migrating may be the drastic kind of never looking back; the coming home led by homesickness; or the back and forth due to indecisiveness.