Along the Path

Birth, aging, illness, and death are major challenges faced in life, especially when we are not prepared. During our pain and sorrow as we see others go through these experiences, or we do so ourselves, we must still face reality, as we continuously yearn for and remember those loved ones who have already gone. FAMILY, Hard Good Life 2, and Trekking in Wind and Rain are three moving films that deal with life and death, the most basic issues we face.

Trekking in Wind

Mu Xiao-Qiao

It was 2005, the year of Chicken according to the Chinese calendar. A new life was born in a Naxi village named Dandu. Meanwhile, another life went to the end. Is it just the natural rhythm to see one life ends and another comes into being? Or is there some sort of destined connection between these two souls in the celestial world? This film is the first documentary that comprehensively records an old mysterious cremation and seeing-off-soul ceremony of the Naxi people.

Hard Good Life

Hsu Hui-ju

This film is a visual journal on fear and courage, loss and gain, and illness and healing in life. It is also a conversation between daughter and father, as well as a reflective monologue on the memory of hope and sorrow. After her father got cancer, the director learned to use the camera to record her father’s struggle. They went through all kinds of treatment together. This unbreakable connection supported them to the very last moment … and never fade away.

Father and Mother I Love You

Tsai Tang-hsien

The story of FAMILY occurred on the night of January 13, 2006, when John visited his grandfather during a weekend holiday. The next morning, he was found dead. His family decided to put their sorrow aside and donated John’s organs and body. This film redefines the value and meaning of life by focusing on mutual ennoblement and empowerment. Sorrow is transformed into a deep realization and inspiration to live a fuller life.