An Imperfect Life

There are nine films in this section that explore the body, our senses, and the soul through different physical and mental conditions, portraying how misfortune and unfavorable living conditions affect people’s lives. The following nine stimulating films are featured in this section: Seeing Freezing Life—The Most Intimate Computer Family, Leprous Life, Transparent Time, Lady Camellia, Bilal, The Long Walk, Today the Hawk Takes One Chick, Voices from El Sayed, and People Say I’m Crazy.

People Say I’m Crazy

John Cadigan, Katie Cadigan

Welcome to my mind. My name is John Cadigan, and I’m an artist with schizophrenia. “People Say I’m Crazy” is my documentary about the world inside my head. It’s a chaotic world filled with paranoia, creativity, fear and desire. A world in which I’m struggling every day, trying to know what is real and what is not

Voices from EL Sayed

Oded Adomi Leshem

In the picturesque Israeli Negev desert lays the Bedouin village of El-Sayed. It has the largest percentage of deaf people in the world. In El-Sayed deafness is not a handicap. Through the generations a unique sign language has evolved making it the most popular language in this rare society that accepts deafness as natural as life itself. The villages tranquility is interrupted by Salims decision to change his deaf son’s fate and make him a hearing person using the Cochlear Implant Operation.

Today The Hawk Takes One Chick

Jane Gillooly

Amidst the highest prevalence of HIV in the world and the lowest life expectancy, three grandmothers in Swaziland, a small, landlocked country in southern Africa between South Africa and Mozambique, cope in this critical moment in time. For these grandmothers, there is no choice but to raise their grandchildren and maintain basic needs. As more and more insight into the women’s lives is revealed, we are forced to ponder the question asked by granny Albertina: “”What will happen when all the grannies are dead?

The Long Walk

Alan Bibby

Ken Ward was the first Native Canadian to go public with his HIV diagnosis. Seven years later he has developed AIDS and remains a passionate advocate for HIV prevention and treatment. Ward works primarily with First Nations populations, where the epidemic is often compounded by isolation and poverty. He also takes his message into prisons where the infection rate among Native inmates is 17 times the national average. Bibby accompanies Ward as he travels the back roads of the Canadian West, nurturing tolerance and understanding within fearful communities.


Sourav Sarangi

The story begins inside an 8X10 feet partitioned room in central Kolkata. Almost nothing is visible inside. In fact, Bilal’s parents are blind. Bilal is just three years old and he has an infant brother. Both of them can see. Bilal is totally aware of the physical disabilities of his parents even he is at such an early age. He knows how to communicate with them through sounds and touch. He is always very occupied with the work of taking care of his blind parents and infant brother. Whenever Bilal gets naughty, his parents may become strict and cross at him. He would just simply run out to the streets, trying to escape from the bitter and harsh life. Very unusually for our times, Bilal’s upbringing and care seems to have become a collective responsibility of all the neighbors. Through the camera, we saw a story of sharing love, fun, cruelty and hope… the wonder world of Bilal.

Lady Camellia

Jeong Suk Park

In Sorok-do where traveled by chance, we encountered an old woman, Lee Hang Sim, 78-years old, who was dragged into Sorok-do at the age of 4 by her parents because of Hanses’s disease. Pregnant after emancipation, she hid her pregnancy for 10 months for she was forbidden to give a birth. She couldn’t even scream in travail until cock crow in case she should get caught. It was all the bitter pain.

Leprous Life

Yang Jen-Tso

Leprous Life records the life stories of leprous patients at Lo-sheng Hospital in Hsin-chuang, Taiwan. The shooting took eight years. Many patients came to Lo-Sheng when they were children, and they have been convicted of life imprisonment by the society. They left home and were jailed in Lo-Sheng for almost fifty years. When the Taipei Metro Rapid Transit Company started to build a factory building, Lo-Sheng was demolished. Patients of Lo-Sheng started resisting…

Seeing Freezing Life- The Most Intimate Computer Family

Hsiao Chi-jen

For the ALS patients, the internet is the best tool to extend their mind and body. Right now, Hsieh Shih-yu lives at the Motor Neuron Disease Center. Although he cannot move and speak, Hsieh Shih-yu can communicate with his son who studies in the United States via e-mail and webcam. Mr. and Mrs. Hsieh have created an incredibly well-communicated and intimate family in the ALS field with the combination of his never-ending learning and her never-failing caring spirit.