The Bird Dancer

The film follows the life of Gusti Ayu Suartini, a young Balinese woman with Tourette’s Syndrome, as she struggles to create a life for herself while coping with a society who doesn’t understand her disease, doctors with no cures, and a family that rejects her. Gusti has spent many years struggling to overcome the stigma and suffering that has resulted

Family Victim

The second youngest of eight children born to an upper-class family living in the rural region of Gunung Kidul in Cental Java, Estu has been ‘different’ ever since he was a young boy. Estu’s actions, and their disorienting power, cannot be understood outside of the cultural and social context within which they have taken shape nor can they be considered

On The Road – Behind the Scenes, Director’s Cut

February 2010, the National Concert Hall staged the multimedia musical production, On The Road. It tells the story of the internationally renowned conductor, Chien Wen-Pin, searching for his childhood aboriginal nanny. One of the play’s organisers, Taiwan Colors Music (TCM), defined this work as “the first original, aboriginal musical in Taiwanese music history”. Adding new material, the director’s cut of

Ocean Fever

Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival is a very important event for rock n’ roll bands in Taiwan. Starting from 2000, Taipei county organizes the contest annually, providing young gifted musicians an opportunity to demonstrate their talents. The fourth festival was held in the summer of 2003. During the three-day festival, the Indie Music Awards was the most interesting activity that attracted most