Family Troubles

Five Lives

Jaroslava Panáková

Yupik Eskimo from the hamlet New Chaplino (Chukotka, Russia) – According to the local people, the dead can return to the realm of the living up to five times. This essay film on life, death, and possible return poses the universal question: how do you confront your own end?

The Hospice Care

Guo Dongliang

The first documentary about hospice care in China. Hospice care is usually called palliative care because of cultural taboos in China. In the hospice care center of Lukang, Hangzhou, there are more than 60 patients, but over 20 patients will be gone in a year’s time. Most of them cannot be cured. Their family members sent them here to ease their pains and let them go with comfort and dignity.

An Autobiography of Michelle Maren

Michel Negroponte, Michelle Maren

Presenting a unique first person perspective, filmmaker/subject Michelle Maren gives access to the rarely seen inner world of Borderline Personality Disorder. Inspired by Michel Negroponte’s film Jupiter’s Wife, Maren contacted Negroponte, convinced that having him tell her story would change her life. He agreed. Each with their own cameras, Maren and Negroponte embarked on a truly collaborative project over the course of 6 years. The result is a visceral experience of a psychological disorder that is both difficult to live with and to understand.

After Life

Nick Mayow, Prisca Bouchet

An enthralling look inside the hidden world of a New Zealand funeral home, After Life explores a unique, enigmatic institution, following the men and women who work with the dead and the delicate ritual of the body’s preparation for its final journey. A compelling glimpse into a rarely seen world, After Life reveals a place rich in meaning and humanity – a place where the daily work deals with our deepest fear.


Jeff Silva, Vic Rawlings

An immersive meditation on the passage of time and the persistent resonance of place, Linefork follows the daily rituals of an elderly couple living in Kentucky’s Appalachian Mountains. Now well into his eighties, Lee Sexton is the last living link to the distant past of a regional American music. A retired coal miner with black lung, Lee and his wife, Opal, continue to farm the land where he was born. Together they face encroaching health concerns and stark economic realities. Recorded over three years, Linefork is an observational film documenting their marriage, their community, their resilience, and the raw yet delicate music of an unheralded banjo legend, linked to the past yet immediately present.

Guru, a Hijra Family

Axelle Le Dauphin, Laurie Colson

We, the hijras, are born neither man nor woman. We are born somewhere in the middle. Our name was mentioned in Sanskrit texts, more than a thousand years ago. It evoked beauty, bravery, and straightforwardness. I try to act as a good guru towards my daughters, I want to teach them how to live properly. It’s not enough to only seek happiness, one must learn to be respected.