The Inheritance

The Inheritance is a three-act video montage essay on inheritance as an accumulation of racial and settler dispossessions. Seeking to intervene in what Povinelli has called the current white counter-reformation of white nativism, The Inheritance pivots the ideas and affects of history, inheritance, and social identity against the sedimentations of white supremacy and settler colonialism through a retelling of the…


The Woman Carrying the Prey

The Woman Carrying the Prey expresses women’s perseverance and strength by extension. “Carrying” is not only about the physical weight, but also about the continuation of the hunter’s traditional hunting culture. The relationship between human, ecology and animal interdependence is gradually built up through the daily life of a female hunter in the mountains.

This film is about Heydi Mijung,…


The Challenge of indigenous education: practice and perspectives

The Ministry of Education has urged colleges and universities to establish a Bachelor’s Degree Program for Indigenous Peoples since 2003

But as far as positioning is concerned, this is not a general department , and there is no general department with at least seven full-time professors . Some of the Bachelor’s Degree Program for Indigenous Peoples ,there is not even…


Rebel Objects

Anthropologist and filmmaker Carolina Arias Ortiz returns to Costa Rica, where she spent her childhood. She visits her estranged father. When he is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, death suddenly draws close. At the same time she meets the archaeologist Ifigenia Quintanilla, who is conducting research into one of Costa Rica’s most famous cultural phenomena: the large, pre-Columbian stone spheres found…

Healer stones of Kapaemahu poster concept horizontal arrival over stones

The Healer Stones of Kapaemahu

On Honolulu’s famed Waikiki Beach stand four giant boulders placed as a tribute to the four legendary mahu – individuals of dual male and female spirit – who brought the healing arts from Tahiti to Hawaii long ago. Although the stones have survived for centuries, their story has been hidden and the respected role of mahu erased. The Healer Stones…