The Mountain

For hundreds of years, this island, Taiwan, has been under different rules. From the Dutch, the Spanish, the Japanese, and nowadays Republic of China, each regime left their footprints on this island. During these periods, only the indigenous people of this island truly experienced of the process. As being ruled, indigenous peoples were labeled in different names and self-cultures had

The Sound of Taiwan – Chung Chao-cheng

In 2015, writer Chung Chao-cheng was 90 years old! In Taiwan, 90 years of memories includes experiencing: 2 countries, 3 different regimes, and 4 mother tongues… Writing unceasingly throughout his life, in the wake of regime change, he became regarded as a national treasure… At the end of Japanese colonial rule, writers who had originally used Japanese were suddenly denied

The Promise

Dong-gang, a fishing village in the southern part of Taiwan, is a place where exceptional historical traces of a past mysterious ritual are still alive. One of the most important characteristic of being part of the Dong-gang community is joining a ritual that takes place every three year, They call the ritual as “Yi-Wang”. Performing this ritual, the people show

The Eyes of Nan-Guang Deng

Deng Nan-Guang was one of the most important photographers in Taiwan at 1930s. This film is talking about his pictures and his home town, Bei-Pu where he loved the most. It has been four decades, after Deng Nan Guang passed away. The small town changed a lot. The director imitated the eye sight of Deng Nan Guang and observed the

The Vast Deep Blue Ocean

When Director Laway was small, his father began working as crew on fishing boats out of the port of Kaohsiung. All through his youth, Laway’s mother took him by Kinmen bus from Taitung to Kaohsiung to visit his father every year or two.

Songs of Hunungaz

The meaning of “Hunungaz” from Bunun language is “a place full of Artemisia Capillaris”. Zhou Feng is a small elementary school in Hanagus, only 23 students, they close as family because of the mini-sized school, also filled anxiety of cutting-down/merging of the same reason. The specialty of students is singing, mainly from Zhou Feng’s tradition and born gift of Bunun,